Angry, raw and percussive, Union Jack have been spreading their punk, rock & roll, hardcore and ska influences since 1997. This singular combination, refined along the years, results in the trio’s unique and original sound. The french combo, avid followers of the DIY, friendship and mutual aid ethics, have already released many records and played extensive amounts of shows all across France, Europe and Canada.

2012 released album « Never Ending Struggle », the follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Tales of urban freedom”(2009), broadens the musical spectrum of the band and demonstrates its different angles : powerful and elevated songs, atypical rock & roll rhythmics, subtle melodies and incisive texts, accompanied by piano and scratch.

The latest EP, ‘Deadpan’, is the proof that the band still moulds its unique and uncompromised style. Authenticity is a precious creed that the trio likes to push forward again and again. Union Jack is back on the road to present this new opus, which is released on the band’s label, Beer Records, in collaboration with fellow labels Guerilla Asso, Old Town Bicyclette and Riot Ska Records (UK). Get ready for a punk rock stream onstage!


Guitar – Vocals


Bass – Vocals – Keyboards


Drums – Backvocals